A strong emotion, is the feeling shared by all those who participated in the inauguration of the exhibition. The works, with an extraordinary communicative force, communicate a strong message of inclusion, revealing worlds, corners of exclusion and revealing glimpses of good, tenderness, hope, which have struck the public - very numerous - who took part in the ceremony.

From the stage they helped the understanding of the 26 works and some installations, as of the long work both in the elaboration phase and in the executive one, Dr. Edith Gabrielli, director of the Polo Museale of Lazio, the art historian Alessandro Zuccari and curator of the César Meneghetti exhibition.
As the President of Sant'Egidio Marco Impagliazzo recalled: "In a time when it is easier to divide, to increase the barriers of separation, in which it is more normal to oppose, to define oneself against someone or against something, art helps us to stop us, oblige us to reflect, move us to meet the other.