INCLUSION/EXCLUSION presents within the Vittoriano: paintings, installations, photographs, documents, videos and texts on themes that touch us all and question us: segregation, migration, war, urban and existential suburbs, humanitarian and peace commitment, protection of rights, good practices.




The Community of Sant'Egidio and the MIBAC, through the exhibition entitled

INCLUSION / EXCLUSION invites the visitors to reflect, also through art, upon one of the emerging issues in the contemporary world: the opposing processes of exclusion and inclusion: isolation / integration, indifference / solidarity, rejection / reception, fears / dialogue.

César Meneghetti and the 52 artists of the Art Laboratories of the Community of Sant'Egidio want to give a strong message on those issues that are unnerving and which affect not only Italy but the whole world.
The art works exposed are the result of a long process of training and deep study.
Meneghetti once again combines his work with theirs. This exchange has activated a process of social and cultural representation and transformation; it has also released the creativity of the art laboratories.
In the Art Laboratories of the Community of Sant'Egidio people with disabilities transform into art their truth and their thinking. Freed from the processes of exclusion and rejection, they can deeply understand and then represent the exclusion of others.


art work





Thousands of little white boats along a "corridor of names": the ones known of those who have lost their lives in the journeys of hope. The red boats represent the children.



In a play of projected lights and reflections the Ego becomes an Us..




Cèsar Meneghetti

mirror, vinyl, shapers with directional light.
In a play of projected lights and reflections the ego becomes us.

central hall




L’Africa spremuta

Sonia Sospirato con Luigi Basso, Marco Bartoccetti, Donatella Fabri

Acrilici, gommapiuma - mt 1,90 per 0,90.
An installation, an effective image to remind us of the role of everyone in the exploitation of Africa.


L’Articolo 3 della Costituzione italiana

Article 3 is offered to visitors as a gift to remember the value of equality beyond diversity.



Corridoi umanitari

Roberto Mizzon Acrilici su tela - cm 150x700.

The hope of reaching Europe without having to face the sea journey. An answer from the Community of Sant'Egidio that gives heart back to Europe, because every saved life is as precious as gold on the canvas.



Fatou, Pacem, Anamaria, Cacilda, Seny, Helen, Maureen.

Le donne cambiano l’Africa 

Marco Bartoccetti,Leo Cantagalli,Jessica Fratocchi,Fabrizio Todaro.

Acrilici su tela - cm 150x400.

There is a dream for Africa that is already taking place and women are the protagonists.


16 ottobre new.jpg


16 ottobre 1943

Pino Vomero,Antonio Padula, Alvaro Antonelli, Sandra Bonavolontà

Candele recuperate, rete, su tele rovesciate - cm 70x100.

The date of the deportation of the roman Jewish to the Nazi extermination camps, a date that must stay in the memory of the city.




Pasqualina Martello

Tecnica mista su tela - cm 50x40 cm.

The evil of war, nothing but evil.



I capelli di Filomena

Chiara Ceriani, Gisella De Salvo, Roberta De Salvo, Marco Giovannelli, Diego Proietti  Tecnica mista su tela 150 x 300 cm.
An old woman proud of her long hair. A disease and the institution where they cut her hair, after a few days the death. In the colour relives her friendship.




Stefano Miccinelli,Simone Di Francescantonio, Roberto Masci.

9 stampe su alluminio cm 60x60

It represents all the elderly in the institutes, a friendly face that accompanies us and reminds us that the elderly are a resource for our societies




Daniele Di Paolo,Assunta Di Roberto,Antonio Sannina,Claudia Drago,Claudio Regano, Fiorella Umbro.

Acrilici su tela - cm 120x100.
The human and existential suburbs from which to start to transform our cities.




Uomo + Cavallo

Giovanni Fenu

Tempere su tela - 160x130 cm.
The expressionistic line that describes a rich and original inner world.




Sara Sebastianis Acquaforte

3 stampe mm. 500x700.
A welcoming life: the artist's vision involves us and questions us.




Hirseyo Tuccimei

Tecnica mista su tela 100 x150cm.
Fragility must be accompanied to express its beauty.

left corridor



Le sette opere di misericordia

Marianna Caprioletti China su carta

7 fogli formato A3.
The works of mercy remind us that nobody is so poor or weak that he can’t help others.



Memoria Universale I e II

Annamaria Colapietro

Acrilici su ante di legno recuperate - 145x45 cm
A contemporary diptych, which covers everything, in particular the beauty of a life open to others.


right corridor


Tutti fuori

Marzia Bosco

Carboncino su carta pannello di 3 metri.
The institute can’t be the last place for so many elderly people, let's repeat it and it will become reality.




Ho sete  

Collettivo Vigne Nuove

In the institute, how many nights to wait for a hand that holds a glass to quench the thirst. A cry that comes to us not to leave us indifferent.



La gabbia  

Roberto Mizzon Pancali in legno

95x95x360 cm.

In or out? Inclusion or Exclusion? An installation to reflect.



BRAVO2 copy.jpg


B.R.A.V.O. Birth Registration For All Versus Oblivion  

Raffaella Papetti, Alessandro Ratini, Gabriella Tagliarino, Marco Magliocchietti, Fabio Cicciotti, Moira Roscioli.

semisfere di cera fusa e ricostituita, acrilici su tela - cm 150x300.

The program of the Community of Sant'Egidio for birth registration in Africa. From nowhere, represented by the white of the wax, appear many reconquered lives.


art work


Esclusione (Rom)  

Mirko Ghezzi Assemblage di materiale di recupero, piombo, colla epossidica, vernici, gesso, pigmenti - 6 tavole 30x40 cm.

semisfere di cera fusa e ricostituita, acrilici su tela - cm 150x300.

From the caravan to a minibus that takes you to school, going to school is the first step for inclusion.




Annamaria Cordone, Rosaria De Leo, Emanuela Fabi, César Meneghetti, Claudio Tomei, Fabio Tomei.

6 wooden pieces from boats found along the bech of Lampedusa- each piece in wooden black box cm 55 x cm 10.
Lampedusa has become a symbol. So many fine words spoken but the reality of this wood reminds us of the lives lost in the sea.




A cura di César Meneghetti, Cristina

Cannelli, Antonella Antezza

Direzione del Progetto
Laboratori d’Arte della Comunità di Sant’Egidio, César Meneghetti

Consulenza scientifica e curatoriale
Simonetta Lux, Alessandro Zuccari

Lella Antinozzi, Antonella Antezza,

Cristina Cannelli, Simona Rampa

Installazioni e video
César Meneghetti

collaborazione all’opera Borderlands
Fabio Massimo Iaquone

Collaborazione al montaggio di Borderlands
Luisa Galdo

Collaborazione al suono/musica

Tiberio Pandimiglio




inclusion vs exclusion

Roma, Vittoriano, Gallerie Sacconi

7 December 2018 - 31 January 2019

everyday from hours 9.30 > 19:30 free entry


The exhibition is promoted and realized by the Community of Sant’Egidio
in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Culture – Latium Museum Hub
The exhibition has been awarded the